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How to Mint New Tokens Using Etherscan


If you have created a mintable token using TokenMint app, you have the option to create (mint) new tokens that will be added to the total token supply and be allocated to the desired address. This article is a simple, step-by-step, tutorial which will show you an easy way to do that - by using etherscan.

If you'd like to watch a video guide, you can watch a short 3 minute video in a video walkthrough section. If you prefer going through step-by-step instructions where we explain every step on the way, keep on reading.


To finish this tutorial, make sure you have the following:

  • - Metamask browser extension installed and unlocked
  • - ETH funds in your wallet in the amount that is necessary to invoke a contract method
  • - The address of the mintable token contract
  • - The address with minter privileges

Video Walkhrough

In this video, we will go through the process of:

  • - Checking if you own the minter role (the privilege to mint new tokens)
  • - Minting new tokens using etherscan UI and MetaMask
  • - Transferring the minter role to another account

For step-by-step instructions, read on.

Checking if you own the minter role (the privilege to mint new tokens)

A minter role exists to secure that only specified accounts have the right to mint new tokens. Here's how you check if your account is one of them:

Step 1. Navigate to Etherscan

Step 2. Find your mintable token by entering the token address into search field. You'll land on the token contract page.

Step 3. Click on the Contract tab. You will notice 3 buttons:

  • - Code - contains the verified solidity code used for your token creation
  • - Read Contract - enables you to access read only methods of the token. No transaction fee payments are necessary for these operations as they only read the state of the blockchain
  • - Write Contract - enables you to invoke token methods that change the state of the blockchain, and hence transaction fee payment is required

Step 4. Click on the Read Contract button (as depicted on the image below). WriteContract

Step 5. Find the isMinter method (as depicted on the image below). WriteContract

Step 5. Enter the address that you want to check into the account(address) field, and click on the Query button below.

The method will return true if the entered address has minting privilege, and false otherwise. In the case of mintable tokens created by TokenMint app, the address that has the minter role is the address used to pay for token creation.

Mint new tokens

Step 1. Click on the Write Contract button (as depicted on the image below). WriteContract

Step 2. Click on the Connect to Web3 link (top left corner of the Write Contract tab).

Step 3. Confirm by clicking on Connect button on MetaMask popup window.

Step 4. Make sure that in MetaMask you have selected the account that has minter role.

Step 5. Find the mint method (as depicted on the image below). WriteContract

Step 6. In to(address) field, enter the address that will receive the newly minted tokens.

Step 7. In value(uint256) field, enter the amount of tokens that you wish to mint.

IMPORTANT: the value(uint256) field takes the smallest denomination of your token as a parameter. For that reason if you want to mint N tokens, you will enter the N*decimals value. For example, the default decimals value is 18, so if you would like to mint 100 tokens, you will enter 100000000000000000000 (100 * (10 to the 18th)).

Step 8. Click on the the Write button below.

Step 9. Confirm the transaction in the MetaMask popup window.

After the transaction is mined, new tokens will be minted and allocated to the specified address.

Add/Transfer minter role

You can follow the similar procedure as described above to add new address to the minter roles, or replace the existing minter address with a new one (can be seen in the video walkthrough section).

This is accomplished by invoking addMinter or transferMinterRole methods in Write Contract tab.

The Prerequisite for these operations is that you have an account with minter role selected in the MetaMask.

Create Your Own Mintable Token

Create your own mintable token using TokenMint app.

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