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How to Update Token Information on Etherscan

Etherscan Update Token Information Form

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of updating your token information on a popular Ethereum blockchain explorer - Etherscan.

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Why You Should Update

Etherscan is a de facto block explorer when it comes to Ethereum. Users visit their service to check if their transactions were mined, contracts deployed, and to find information about tokens that they buy, sell and use.

When you update information of your token, users can find your official website, email, blog, forums, social profiles, whitepaper, etc. Users love different channels of communication, so having many channels can be helpful for your project and token.

Here's an example token with updated info on Etherscan: Update Token Info - Example Finished


Before we begin make sure you have the following:

How to Update Token Information

Here's an easy to follow guide in 13 steps.

Step 1. Navigate to Etherscan

Step 2. Find your token by searching for the token name in the search field. You'll land on the token page.

Step 3. Click on Update link on the token page. Update Token Info - Click Update

Step 4. Click on Submit button (check that contract address is filled). Update Token Info - Click Submit Button

Step 5. Click on the Copy button, and then click on the Next button. Update Token Info - Click Copy and Next Button

Step 6. Navigate to in new tab, click on the Next button until the popup disapears.

Step 7. Click on the Metamask option. Update Token Info - Click Metamask

Step 8. Metamask popup shows, click on the Connect button. Update Token Info - Click Connect in Metamask

Step 9. Paste the message you copied in Step 5 into the Message field, and click on the Sign Message button. Update Token Info - Click Sign Message in MyCrypto Wallet

Step 10. Metamask popup shows, click on the Sign button to sign message. Update Token Info - Click Sign in Metamask

Step 11. Signature field shows on MyCrypto page. Select the value next to sig field (without quotes) by double clicking on it, and then copy it. Update Token Info - Copy Signature

Step 12. Go back to Etherscan tab. Paste the copied sig into Message signature hash field, and click on Verify button. Update Token Info - Paste Signature and Click Verify Button

Step 13. Fill in form with 21 fields in total. Not all fields are needed. At the end, click on the Send Message button. Update Token Info - Fill in forms

Congrats, you just finished. Etherscan users will now be able to find your official channels.

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